Dealing With Mistakes as a Goalkeeper

Recently I saw a great quote from a professional GK coach, he said “three things are certain in life – taxes, death and goalkeepers conceding goals” Very true, as goalkeepers we are destined to concede goals. Some goals we have to hold our hands up and say great finish when the striker can put it Read more

Keeper of the Week- Bognor Group

Keeper of the Week – Bognor Group Congratulations to Woody who is this weeks Keeper of the Week. Woody had an outstanding session making excellent saves and showed great team work in the Goalie wars game at the end.

Amazing Reaction Goalkeeper Training Drill

Dear fellow Goalkeepers (Or parents of a goalkeeper) I have been in goal since i was 8 years old and have played in goal for lets just say for over 30 years now and have coaches goalkeeper training all over the world and have seen so many different goalkeeper coaches. I have just stumbled on Read more

Goalkeeper Training in Wigan

On Sunday we hosted a Goalkeeper wars tournament for our goalkeepers in Wigan. It was a great event with some incredible saves and team work taking place. Goalkeepers were in teams of two and worked together to compete in the event. A massive well done to the winners on the day – Lewis, Jon, Tom Read more

Goalkeeper Training in Wigan

Enjoy the highlights above from a recent session at Goalkeeper training in Wigan. Tomorrow we host a Goalkeeper Wars tournament for our goalkeepers, it promises to be a fantastic day for all involved. Videos and pictures will be posted on Sunday evening. If you would like more information about our goalkeeper training in Wigan do Read more

J4K Parent Testimony

J4K Parent Testimony Hi Ray,  I wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you for founding Just4Keepers. Both of my boys train with Phil and his team here in Plymouth each Friday and at the end of July would have been with J4K for a year. In that time they have gone from strength Read more

Being a Goalkeeper

Being a Goalkeeper You can have an average team with a good goalkeeper and that team will be a competitive team. You can have an average goalkeeper on a good team and that team becomes very average. The role of the goalkeeper is key to the success and the failure of the team. The goalkeeper Read more

Success comes from learning the basics

Success comes from learning the basics During the first few sessions at Just 4 Keepers, one of the first things we will assess is the keepers “set position”. This is one of the fundamentals of goalkeeping and if you can get this right then the other skills you will require as a goalkeeper will fall into Read more